Souliers Martinez pays a tribute to women, through a number of collaborations. Inspiring and creative figures. They are active in different creative domains, spanning from art to craftsmanship. The first of these collaborations features Candela Capitán. Born in Cadiz and based in Barcelona, Candela is a contemporary dancer, an inspirational artist, a force of nature. Her strong opinions and playful desires send shockwaves through the realm of the established, with her sensitive approach. She has been compared to a modern poet, one who translates movement into poetry. She describes her work as a supreme state of detachment, through which she expresses absolute freedom, where thoughts, feelings, desires and needs don’t contradict each other. In collaboration with Studio Cobalto, who signs the artistic direction of this Winter campaign, we have given Candela total freedom to express her vision, her personal and modern reinterpretation of flamenco. An engaging figure, modern and creative, feminine and unconventional, Candela embodies perfectly this unique Spanish spirit that Souliers Martinez conveys.

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Souliers Martinez’ Fall/Winter 2020 collection, pays tribute to the all-embracing creative process, at the convergence of cultures and influences. Paris is our winter city, a shelter for the cold months, inspiring inventive concentration and aesthetic research.
Modern and audacious shapes are derived from intemporal motives, and geometry merges with colors and textures. Striking wintery style, elegant lines, and sensuous shapes are mirrored by off- white, wooden shades, brandy and khaki shades, and a surprisingly warm, uplifting orange.
Iconic models are revisited in supple, non-braided Italian calf leather, plain or pressed with a faux- crocodile pattern.


The selection of colors and materials are fundamental steps at the heart of Souliers Martinez’ design process—as much as the shape of a line or the height of a heel. We locally source the choicest leather, mostly Italian hides with extraordinary texture and suppleness. The quest for the right shade is an art at the core of our DNA: we favor a limited, but delicate palette of subtle and elegant colors. Winter shades are reminiscent of a subdued Parisian elegance: white, beige, golden and brown, highlighted by a brighter touch. Summer is the realm of warm, bright, happy Spanish tints.

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Explore the universe of Souliers Martinez’ Spanish know-how and artisan traditions: discover our iconic models, hand-woven or braided with thin strips of supple leather, proposed in a selection of seasonal colors.


All Souliers Martinez shoes are hand-made in Spain, following delicate artisanal techniques. An outstanding feature of the brand, thin strips of supple calf leather are hand-woven or braided by women from rural communities along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. We have been determined since the beginning to produce in Spain, without outsourcing, to revive and perpetuate this outstanding local craftsmanship.

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