The story of Julien Martinez and his brand are closely linked to his ancestry. Even while studying in France, Spain was always the place that sparked his creativity and the source of his inspiration. In 2013, while touring a workshop in the region of Alicante, Julien discovers a local technique of hand braiding leather. This artisanal know-how will then become the foundation of his own brand: Souliers Martinez. After collaborating with various French fashion houses, in 2017 he turns his dream of branching out on his own into a reality.

Working alongside Spanish artisans, he researches, experiments, and finally succeeds in seamlessly integrating their traditional workmanship into his creations. Combining this with a rigorous selection of leathers, Julien imagines comfortable shoes with bold shapes. Each one is assembled and finished in Spain.

The graphic lines are an hommage to the shoes his grandmother would wear, to the Spanish elegance and finesse she embodied. If the color palette reflects the richness of his beloved Mediterranean landscapes, Julien’s “souliers” remain resolutely Parisian. Throughout the seasons, his assortment of woven leather styles has become ever more diverse, ranging from boots to pumps, asserting his style as a unique aesthetic.

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4 rue des Petits-Champs
75002 Paris